Body odour


As well as washing regularly and changing your underwear frequently, you may find that wearing pantyliners every day will help you feel fresh and clean all day.

Intimate body odours outside menstruation are natural and normal. If you'd like to reduce these intimate body odours, pantyliners can help as they absorb and lock away the moisture that can lead to the development of odour.

Interestingly, a woman’s sense of smell varies during the menstrual cycle. Research reports a higher sensitivity to smell and odours during the pre-ovulatory period than during other times in the cycle. One possible explanation could be that intimate body odours play an important role as one of the factors that help us to select a partner with the right biological make-up for successful reproduction.

Intimate body odour could, however, be associated with a change in natural discharge. If you experience any unusual body odour or a change in the colour or consistency your normal discharge, this could be an indication of a genital infection. You should see your doctor or gynaecologist to make sure and to get any treatment if needed.

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