What is this discharge stuff?


Discharge. You may have heard it mentioned. It’s the fluid that's produced by your body to moisten and cleanse the vagina. Before you start your period, you'll probably notice yellow or white stains inside your underwear. This is your vaginal discharge. It's perfectly normal and it's a sign that you’ll probably start having periods soon.

How much discharge should I have?

The amount of vaginal discharge varies during the menstrual cycle. This is due to the changing levels of estrogen circulating in your body. When estrogen levels are at their highest, your discharge can become a bit heavier.

Your discharge may be heavy or barely noticeable – both are normal. However, if it has a bad smell or you have any pain, soreness or itching in the genital area, it may be a sign of infection. In this case, make sure you see a doctor.

What should I do about discharge?

Always pantyliners are specially made to manage vaginal discharge, protecting your underwear to help you feel fresh and clean every day. They are much smaller and thinner than our menstrual pads, so you can use them on the days in between your periods.

Always pantyliners come in a range of different shapes and sizes, with or without a gentle scent, and in handy singles for your handbag too. Click here for help choosing which is best for you. With their soft, breathable materials, Always liners help give you a nice feeling of comfort and freshness everyday.