Always® Infinity Sanitary Pads

The Infinicel™ Revolution

  • You’ve never seen a sanitary pad like this – really.

  • This is the sanitary pad of the future without the need for a time machine. Always® Infinity Normal Plus sanitary pads are made with this material called Infinicel™; a revolutionary material that’s incredibly thin, but amazingly absorbent. In fact, it absorbs up to 10x its weight, making it perfect for a Menstrual Bleeding!

  • The top sheet is really soft and comfy to wear, and the Infinicel™ is so thin and flexible that it actually moulds to your body (it actually feels kind of like memory foam.) It’s so much like a second skin you might even forget you’re wearing it.

  • Buy Always® Infinity Normal Plus sanitary pads for one-of-a-kind menstrual protection.

  • Also, be sure to try Always® panty liners to feel fresh every day.

New Always Ivory

  • With Infinicel™ Technology, this incredible sanitary pad absorbs 10x its weight

  • Revolutionary wing design keeps pad in place

  • Micro-holes™ channel fluids into Always® sanitary pad and away from you, keeping you dry

  • Uber soft top sheet is incredibly soft and gentle on your intimate skin